June 2014
June 2014
In the June Monthly Bulletin, the USE All-Share Index and market capitalization rose while equity turnover and share volume declined......

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08 / Apr / 2014

Bujumbura, April 4th, 2014....Regional capital markets regulators under the umbrella of East African Securities Regulatory Authorities (EASRA) have resolved to support efforts by market players across the region to introduce new products such as depository receipts, derivatives and real...

06 / Nov / 2013

Tuesday 5th November, 2013. Kampala…Capital Markets Authority (CMA) is pleased to announce that Mr. Keith Kalyegira has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Authority. Mr. Kalyegira replaces Mr.

14 / Oct / 2013

NEW SET OF EAC Council Directives on Capital Markets - Request for Stakeholder comments

22 / Aug / 2013




East African Securities Regulators advance regional implementation of risk-based supervision

02 / May / 2013

 Minister urges youth to embrace financial literacyKampala, 30th April, 2013…The youth have been urged to identify their strengths and transform them into opportunities that will enable them confront the future if they are to be better citizens.

Welcome to Capital Markets Authority

The Capital Markets Authority(CMA) is a semi autonomous body responsible for promoting, developing and regulating the capital markets industry in Uganda, with the overall objectives of investor protection and market efficiency. CMA is governed by a Board of Directors comprising a Chairperson and representatives from the private and public sector. The day to day operations of the Authority are handled by the Chief Executive Officer and a team of professionals from various fields.

Our Vision

To Make Uganda’s capital market a centre for capital raising and investment

Our mission

To develop, promote and regulate a robust, transparent, fair and efficient capital market in Uganda

When investing in shares listed on the stock exchange, remember that you can only buy or sell shares through a licenced brokerage firm.
Read the prospectus and if you have questions, talk to your broker, investment advisor or any other professional before investing.
Ask the broker/the selling agent/receiving bank for a copy of the prospectus of the company offering shares to the public. Note that the prospectus is free of charge.

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The Authority has a number of insightful books on a number of financial and corporate issues, in its resource center. The resource center is open to the public from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm daily, excluding weekends and public holidays.

legal and compliance

Legal & Market Supervision

CMA's legal and compliance requirements ensure that there is a sound, fair and orderly framework for the conduct of financial securities business and matters in Uganda.


market development

Market Development

The Research and Market Development Department is mandated to lead market development initiatives and strengthen the organization's research and information capabilities.

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